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Alkaline is premium enhanced water that helps you restore the acid-alkaline balance in a natural manner as it restores the self-healing capacity of the body with its blend of alkalinity, electrolytes, and minerals that are essential for your wellbeing.

You get high quality alkalized water with a significant amount of electrolytes.
Alkalinity is a measurement of the ability to absorb acid. The more alkaline a liquid, the less acidic it will be.

Be it the acidic foods or loss of electrolytes, our body is constantly challenged to remain balanced and always stay hydrated. Alkaline provides you with a highly alkalized water product enhanced with electrolyte minerals that helps you in detoxifying and balances the pH levels in your body.

The pH balance is scaled from 1 through 14 with 0 to less than 7 as acidic, 7 as neutral and anything over 7 as alkaline in nature. The ideal pH of the body is 7.35 to 7.45.
The pH of Alkaline is 9.5 which gives it its characteristic alkaline nature and makes it a must in your health basket. After all you need a HEALTHY INSIDE for an ACTIVE LIFESTYLE.

An advanced UV purification process is carried through the water which is then run through our seven stages where the water is passed through a bed of natural traced mineral stones that changes the structure of water making the pH level above 9

The electrolytes and other minerals used in Alkaline are in an ionic form, which is the same form as present in body fluids and inside the cells of our body.

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We take any clean water source and transform it into our powerful synergy of alkalinity, electrolytes, and trace minerals to maintain balance, detoxifying, performance, and ultimate hydration.

You need to call the Aque care technology Helpline and order for the required component. Our technician will visit your place, inspect and replace the component at a nominal cost.

After your rivera ro purifier is installed or whenever the filter is replaced, always discard the first cycle of water (10 litres) that is filled in the storage tank and only after that consume water. You may use the discarded water for gardening or cleaning purposes.

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