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Alkaline Water VS Natural Alkaline Water and Its importance

  • Promoted as the new most excellent super drink, claimed alkaline water is the Natural Alkaline Water?
  • Alkaline water is the water with pH levels that are higher than 7 pH—enabled by adopting the process of electrolysis or some other added agents.
  • While the Natural Alkaline Water is passed through Japanese volcanic rock stones and deep-sea mineral salts
  • Natural Alkaline Water is not undergoing through any chemical or electrical processes
  • Natural Alkaline Water as Gets added through minerals and micro minerals helps in better digestion, resistance to carcinogenic elements in the body, anti-aging, cholesterol maintenance, skin betterment
  • Rivera world-class RO has the most elegant, attractive and least maintenance design

RO water purifiers have been popular enough from the last few years. However, recently the awareness has evolved across society for the Alkaline RO water. Let us understand this.

In today’s fast-moving life, we hop over many necessary precautions to be taken in day to day life for better health and fit body of ours as well as family. The most classical and still actual axiom is,“Health is Wealth.” Waterborne diseases are caused by pathogenic bacteria that most frequently are communicated in contaminated freshwater. As per the official reports from Unicef, every day, 6,000 children are dying because of water-related diseases. Young children first to get sick, and then many of them die from waterborne diseases. As we know, many of our cities have started approaching day zero. 21 Indian cities like Delhi, Meerut, Chennai, Bangaluru are heading rapidly towards day zero. They will run out of clean groundwater by 2020, report says. These cities will have to face an acute water shortage, especially drinking water shortage. Many of the people have started installing and using water purifiers or alkaline water purifiers by now to clean the water available to them, and they believe that those RO purifiers are enough. Let us understand things in detail.

What Is Natural Alkaline Water?

When the acidic water touches our 100% NATURAL MINERAL STONES (from japan), these stones releases important minerals and trace minerals in water in a controlled manner and increases the water pH and add minerals and trace minerals in the water. Studies say that it helps in maintaining the level of acid required in the bloodstream and help the body metabolize nutrients more meritoriously, leading to improved health and performance of body organs and overall shape. It is about keeping the pH level near around 8 to 9.

Rivera Natural Alkaline RO Water Purifier decreases the acidity in your body by maintaining the Ph. The level which is responsible for an acidic or primary level of your urine. You can measure by Ph. Dip stick below seven it’s acidic, and above seven it is essential. Rivera Natural Alkaline RO Water Purifier helps you to maintain by Natural Alkaline water and which also helps you in your digestion.

In most other RO water purifiers with features like TDS controller, some of the water bypasses the RO membrane and is only purified using UF membrane; this bypassed water is later mixed with RO water to maintain the essential minerals in the purified water. It means 100% of the water does not pass through the RO membrane.

Artificial Alkaline Water vs. Natural Alkaline Water:

Don’t just be blind towards pH values. Water that’s naturally alkaline befalls when water passes over rocks like springs — and picks up mineral deposits, which increase its alkaline level.

Though, many people who buy or drink on the name of alkaline water are not natural but made by an alkaline process like ionizer process termed electrolysis and it also made by ceramic alkaline cartridge in which water passing through synthetic ceramic ball then the pH of water increased.

This processing RO and purifiers use ionizing. Ionizing artificially raises the pH level of regular water by using electricity, which separates highly acidic molecules from the water and manages them to throw out.

Even a class of doctors and researchers are also suggesting that these processes are not thoroughly ensuring the absence of contaminants in the process of purifying the water.

Some researches even suggest that any alkalinization should be precluded before reverse osmosis. Reverse Osmosis is the necessary process of purification, which may make the water more acidic. This has been backed by quality research in the world’s popular research articles by scholar doctors and researchers. So, before alkalization, it is mandatory to ensure no contaminants present in the drinking water.

A scholar article published by the World Health Organization Reliable Foundation cautions against drinking water with a substantial volume of mineralized water, which is created by reverse osmosis, condensation, and other methods, precisely when you use daily.

Drinking natural alkaline water is generally considered innocuous since it contains natural minerals. However, you should use attentiveness with artificial alkaline water, which likely contains fewer decent minerals than its high pH would have you believe, and may contain contaminants.

Our body absorbs, vitamins, minerals, and nutrtions from the grains, vegetables, fruits, and milk we consume everyday. it absorbs easily because all these are natural resources thats why it has no side effect

In a similar way, Rivera Alkaline Water uses volcano rock stones and deep sea minerals, so the water it provides is 100% natural. It's alkaline minerals and micro minerals gets easily absorbed, without any side effects.

In addition to this, from the water of Rivera Alkaline RO also gives rare, natural micro minerals like copper, silver, zinc, cobalt in the appropriate amount to the body.

Exciting Facts about Natural Alkaline Water:

One single can of soft drink contains enough phosphoric acid to change our pH level dramatically. If you don’t have adequate magnesium or calcium investments in your extracellular fluid, your body takes the calcium from your bones to compensate the acid. You’d need 32 glasses of water to counterbalance every can of soft drink you drink. That much water!

Chronically Acidic Blood (acidosis) can cause a diversity of circumstances, including fatigue, foggy thinking, and weight gain and heartburn.

A food is hush-hush as acid or alkaline reliant on its crystal pleased. Alkaline foods contain better alkaline-forming minerals, like calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, and potassium, than acid-forming minerals such as copper, phosphorus, and sulfur.

A passable intake of daily dietary calcium is required to control the blood clotting, muscle contraction, heart rate, and much more. It’s not just about building sturdy bones.

Calcium deficit causes your body to take what it needs from your bones, and if this outline continues, it can deteriorate your bones and even lead to osteoporosis.

Satisfactory calcium intake can help regulate your body’s pH balance, reduce symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome, better known as PMS, and even assist with weight loss.

Consumption of milk may not help contest off Osteoporosis. Because dairy products are mostly acidic in nature, the human body pulls calcium from bones to help counteract it. Studies show that countries with the highest consumption of dairy products like Canada, North America, Denmark also have the highest occurrence of osteoporosis, whereas republics that consume fewer dairy products have inferior charges.

People can become alive for a few months without nourishment, but only ten days without water. After airing the essential element of human life which we breathe, water is the most imperative component in our body, yet 75% of people are chronically dehydrated, and even they don’t know about it.

As per reliable reports submitted by agencies, the average person consumes 68038.9 grams of refined sugar per year, which is 30x more than our grandparents expended at the chance of the 20th century. The unknown fact about refined sugar is, it is highly acidic in nature. It’s no marvel, obesity rates are on the rise, primarily when sugar is secreted in many foods you’d never suspect.

Natural Alkaline water is also considered best for avoiding aging impacts.

Why Rivera Natural Alkaline RO Water Purifier?

A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy mood, mind, and body.

A Good Hydration

  • The process of making your body engross water or other liquid is called Hydration.
  • The researcher found that many people agonize from chronic dehydration. Enduring dehydration can lead to many health problems, such as constipation and migraine headaches.
  • The solution to this problem is Natural Alkaline Water, which makes us feel better than before.

We are the best and leading Natural Alkaline RO manufacturer in the market.

Better Bone Health

  • The bone-saving effects shown in youngster and aged people nowadays.
  • The mineral which plays a significant role in making and maintain are bone-healthy is the calcium.
  • Overall, body fitness, Teeth health, energy, strength, athletic qualities are because of Calcium.
  • The Rivera Natural Alkaline RO Water Purifier provides you the best Natural Alkaline water, which contains calcium mineral.

Longer Liver Life

  • Natural Alkaline water has the probable to help you detox from a hangover.
  • It works by breaking down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.
  • Hydrogen bleach is a metabolic by-product of alcohol metabolism that kills liver cells.
  • Human digestion and gastro track are responsible for many diseases and overall health. Clean, assured Natural Alkaline water from Rivera Natural Alkaline RO Water Purifier guarantees you better ingestion and health overall.

Great Energy level

  • Feel Fresh. Feel alive. Feel awesome. As per the scientific study, they showed that by drinking the Natural Alkaline water, the energy level of the body is much higher than which was by drinking regular RO water.
  • It works because of drinking Natural Alkaline water speeds up the absorption of electrolyte in your body.
  • It means that you can work harder and more as compared to before.
  • Stay up, active, and alert all day long. Essential to your prosperous life.

Maintaining pH Level

  • Best water purifiers even can not handle pH level many times. When they miss even to 5 or 6 pH level, the water becomes 5 to 10 times acidic. It causes severe damage to the body in the long run.
  • More or less Ph. level can give Metabolic Syndrome in your body.
  • Which causes high Blood pressure, Obesity, Sugar level problems, Bone loss, Kidney Stone problem, and many more.
  • Rivera Natural Alkaline RO Water Purifier gives you the best quality Natural Alkaline water which maintains the Ph. Level also.
  • Moreover, many more benefits like Faster and improved digestion system, Controlling and Reducing Cholesterol, Weight Loss, etc.

World-Class Best Water Purifier Build

  • Rivera Natural Alkaline RO Water Purifier is made up of superior, long-lasting material. Our expert designers have made its ergonomics class apart from the competitors in the market. The membranes, motors, various parts are designed for sustainability.
  • The price, variants, shape, color, features, warranty, guarantee that we provide quite competitive in the market.
  • Price: As the best water purifier in the market, we offer models of Rivera at quite a low price. Even the maintenance has a very nominal price as compared to other known market brands. The price you pay over there is inclusive of their added cost of high profile marketing and huge profits,
  • Your Smile Our Satisfaction: We believe in establishing a sustainable relationship with our customers. Our system is designed in a method that customer gets the best services time by time and that too hassle-free.
  • High Capacity Filter: Rivera Natural Alkaline Filter has a vast capacity of filtering 12,000 liters of water. Which gives you least filter spare cost after purchase. Thus, the valid price of RO reduces further.
  • Long-Lasting: Our RO is designed for life. We are giving you long worry less peace of mind.
  • Cheapest and Smoothest Maintenance: Sit back and relax. Leave the worry to us. Do not worry at all about maintenance. You can trust on us. We offer annoyance free and the cheapest in market maintenance.
  • We Are There Around You: Rivera is giving the well-deployed network nationwide to provide you the best services that too whenever needed without your intervention even.
  • Beauty and Elegance: Class and beauty are all you can expect. In your kitchen, when you install Rivera, you surely will capture eyeballs. Vivid colors and sleek, elegant design will highly elevate your interior, and all will be amazed while praising your house.
  • Silent Warrior: The noiseless operation even does not make you realize that the champ is a duty.
  • We Have It All For Everyone: Our product range has got it all as per your requirement. Whether you are living in deserts or the hills or the grounds.
  • We are at your service. Any water you consume, we make it the best for you.
  • Skilled Support: The highly trained pool of expert workforce helps and guides you best as and when needed.
  • Proactive Customer Care: Proactive customer care support is at a call away from you. Wish you health.

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