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Alkaline RO Water

Rivera Alkaline RO can sure be called a complete purifier as it removes all Physical, Chemical and Biological Impurities. In addition, out purifier also added essential minerals which are generally removed by RO Plants during the purification process. Further, it increase the dissolved oxygen, pH and alkalinity of water.

Why Rivera Natural Alkaline RO Water Purifier?

A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy mood, mind, and body.

  • Rivera Natural Alkaline RO Water Purifier decreases the acidity in your body by maintaining the Ph.
  • Rivera Natural Alkaline RO Water Purifier helps you to maintain by Natural Alkaline water and which also helps you in your digestion and many more diseases we encounter day to day.
how can you stay endangered from these harmful contaminants in water?

By Drinking Natural Alkaline water is one which contains the necessary minerals Like Magnesium, Calcium, etc. and it is less acidic than the routine tap water.

  • Water is a marvelous drink which can save you from a number of diseases. So Our body needs best water which provide us mineral water which will help us to maintain mineral in body rather drink acidic water.
  • Our Solution is best for long term with india's Lowest Maintenance water purifier.

Make Water 100% pure through Multi Purification System


Alkaline Effects on Health and Mood

When the acidic water touches our 100% NATURAL MINERAL STONES (from Japan), these stones releases important minerals and trace minerals in water in a controlled manner and increases the water pH and add minerals and trace minerals in the water.

This Alkaline water which is good for health and also gives natural taste to it.

Our Products

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from India, Rivera Natural Alkaline RO Water Purifier is made up of superior, long-lasting material. Our expert designers have made its ergonomics class apart from the competitors in the market. 


Since you are looking for an alkaline water purifier we believe you are aware of the concept of alkalinity, pH value and the health benefits of drinking alkaline water



Since you are looking for an alkaline water purifier we believe you are aware of the concept of alkalinity, pH value and the health benefits of drinking alkaline water



Since you are looking for an alkaline water purifier we believe you are aware of the concept of alkalinity, pH value and the health benefits of drinking alkaline water

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New Alkaline Benefits

Rivera Alkaline water purifier will help your to maintain Good Hydration, Better Bone Health,
Longer Liver Life, Great energy level, Maintaining Ph Level and many more benefits.

  • Weight Loss

  • PH Balance

  • Detoxification

  • Hydration

  • Liver Health

  • Digestive Health

  • Bone Health

  • Cholestrol Reduction

  • Alzheimer‘s

  • Energy Levels

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RO water purifiers have been popular enough from the last few years. However, recently the awareness has evolved across society for the Alkaline RO water. Let us understand this.

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What Our Client Says

We have used different water purifier for quite a while but all purifiers hardly work for 5-6 month then almost every part of purifier need to change then I sifted to Rivera RO and it been a 15 month I didn't have to change my single parts. I really say that its Lowest Maintainance ro I have come across.

Upendrasinh Zala

I have a problem of high TDS and other issues due to water. We have a doctor visit almost every month due to water disease. Even I change my current RO with India's top-level companies but then also my problem won't be solved then I got to know about Alkaline water I have research about it and I came across Rivera RO. Healthy water, as well as a good cost, compare to Alkaline water available in the market. Its been a year now and I have found a difference in many things in my life.

Piyush Sonani

Simply say, Purchase and use it. I have very good experience with water. Healthy and pocket-friendly among all Alkaline water providers.

Ketan Kanjiya

I have one RO already which was saying UV and many other filtrations but I never found a real effect of it on my body. I got to know Exchange offer program by company name Rivera. Its been 6 months and now its really affect my lifestyle. I have also saved tons of money from maintaining my old RO. and Got very good exchange offer from the company. I really recommend everyone.

Jignesh Mewada

I really recommended to everyone. Its really good brand with a wide range of ro which suits my kitchen as well as my pocket. Indeed healthy and natural water.

Sagar Varma

As a housewife, I have to deal with water for my family each and every task of my day. I was reading one article regarding water's benefits. I was using the best ro brand available in India. I tested my water with few testing methods and got to know that water was acidic. I was shocked. From the Internet, I got to know about alkaline water.Its been a which I exchange my ro and now I am also not worried about my family. Really recommended to everyone.

Anjali Seth

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