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Why Rivera Alkaline RO water purifier :

Rivera Quality and Healthy RO

The Rivera Natural Alkaline RO Water Purifier is committed to its core values of Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction to ensure the pursuit and progression of excellence and to promise that we become the preferred Facilities Provider.

Our bodies absorb vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the grains, vegetables, fruits, and milk we consume every day. Absorption has no side effects because all those consumables are natural.

Similarly, Rivera Alkaline Water uses volcano rock stones and deep-sea minerals, so the water it provides is 100% natural. Its alkaline minerals and micro-minerals get easily absorbed without any side effects.

Additionally, the water from Rivera Alkaline RO also provides rare, natural micro-minerals like copper, silver, zinc, and cobalt in appropriate amounts to the body.

Rivera Natural Alkaline Water Purifier has a vast capacity of filtering 12,000 liters of water, which gives you the least additional filter cost after purchase. Thus, this is one more reason to claim our RO as the best Water Purifier product. The membranes, motors, various parts are designed for sustainability. The price, variants, shape, color, features, warranty, and guarantee that we provide are quite competitive in the market.

We believe that long-term associations require a continuous obligation to business excellence. This assurance has been integrated into the heart of everything we do and is the key driver for building on our core competencies.

Low Maintenance

In today’s fast-moving life, people are busy with their professional lives. After hectic schedules at work, it's challenging to find time for home equipment maintenance. Rivera Natural Alkaline RO Water Purifier is a boon to them, as it is the best RO water purifier available in the market.

As we offer high-quality equipment, our natural alkaline water purifier requires less maintenance compared to others. It’s a great low-budget water purifier, and no other brand can promise you better quality and efficiency within this price range.

Our Rivera Alkaline RO is designed for long life. It's the best RO water purifier available. It's our customers' trust that has made us stand apart as the best RO water purifier for many years. We provide you with less worry and long-lasting peace of mind. We offer hassle-free and the cheapest maintenance in the market.

We assure you of providing the best RO range in the market today at a competitive price and with minimal maintenance. All the components used in its construction are of high quality.


Rivera Alkaline mineral water is produced naturally, utilizing filter media composed of several distinct layers, most of which are rare volcanic (igneous) and sea minerals.

Igneous minerals are formed by the cooling and crystallization of molten volcanic rock at temperatures between 1100ºF to 2200ºF, and from ground level to depths of 98,000 feet or more. Geo-magnetic energies and crystallization patterns are absorbed by the molten magma as it cools, giving the resulting volcanic minerals distinct characteristics, including high-energy resonance frequencies. Recent research indicates that the geochemical environments of water sources play an important role and have a profound effect on the level of health in humans and animals. Rivera Alkaline mineral Filter was developed after extensive research of the famous mountain waters of the world, where many of the relationships between the geochemical environment have been found to be intimately associated with the health and longevity of those consuming these glacier stream waters.

RIVERA presents for the first time in India, comprising the natural stones of Japanese Volcanic Mountain & Deep sea mineral stone.

RIVERA ALKALINE FILTER is thoroughly natural and does not contain the ceramic balls.


Healthy Natural Alkaline Water

Best Quality Alkaline Ro

Low Maintanance Alkaline Ro

Long Life Alkaline Ro

Cost Efficient Alkaline Ro

How Rivera alkaline water improves your health?

Purifying water using traditional methods doesn't remove soluble impurities like arsenic, fluoride, chemicals, salts, etc., from water. This is where Rivera Next-Gen RO Water Purifiers can help you out. Rivera RO Purifiers remove dissolved impurities but maintain essential minerals in purified water.

Weight Loss


pH Balance

Bone Health


Heart Health

Energy / Endurance

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